Tips for Living in At-Home Quarantine

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We hope everyone stays happy and healthy during this ordeal, but understand how challenging this will be! Here are some great tips we found, see 1st link below for full article.


1. Clear out old food that might go bad and stock up on non-perishable items from major food groups like beans, rice, olive oil, and nuts.

2. Use fresh foods before turning to non-perishable items like canned vegetables and soups.

3. You can make a solid exercise routine out of burpees, push-ups, and squats at home instead of going to the gym, personal trainers say. Or use at-home work out videos.

4. Limit your media exposure to ease anxiety about the coronavirus during quarantine.

5. Keep in touch with people over the phone, video calling, or through online services.

6. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds — and tell your friends to as well.

7. Play indoor games with your kids - see link below for ideas.



Indoor game ideas -