Valentines Day Date Ideas

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We did some research and here is our top 25 ideas for Valentines day dates for at home or out and about!

"Valentine's Day is the holiday of love, but if you've been with your partner for awhile, you might need some help coming up with a memorable date. Well, we've got you covered. Whether you want to stay inside to cook a new meal or watch a new movie, or you want to venture out into the world and explore a new part of town or revisit your first date location, there are a million fun things to do on Valentine’s Day that will make it feel special."

1.       Recreate a favorite date

2.       Give each other romantic gifts

3.       Go to a restaurant on your bucket list

4.       Dance it out - in public or at home

5.       Make a candlelit dinner at home together

6.       Have a board game night

7.       Take a wine appreciation class

8.       Set up a waffle bar

9.       Play hookie for a day or several!

10.   Have a romantic movie marathon

11.   Go to the movies

12.   Go for a romantic walk - bring your favorite hot beverage

13.   Watch the sun set

14.   See a comedy show

15.   Bake something sweet

16.   Eat breakfast in bed

17.   Travel out of town

18.   Go to an arcade

19.   Pop a bottle of champagne

20.   Take a cooking class

21.   Write a love letter

22.   Give each other a massage

23.   Get a couples massage

24.   Attend a chocolate making class

25.   Play in the snow